The art of Distraction

by You Have My Word

[Originally posted on Scream911 here]

It always fascinates me, that we have the ability to find at least a hundred alternative things to do when there is something pressing that requires our attention. I have found this particularly true upon attending lectures this year. I suppose this is a confession.

When you actually cannot take one more second of the educated drone, recycling academic text-book facts and feeding it to you, it is necessary to do something that will save your sanity… and the drone-source’s life. (I did. Check it here.) On top of this monotonous drone though, you are generally under a lot of pressure (I am… or was… a first year at this time) having moved cities, started the year, moved out of the house. You tend to feel quite stressed out when you can’t block out the humming noise (getting perpetually louder) from the front of the class – at this point, you need to find something to do!

I was exceptionally bored in an Advertising Management lecture and this idea happened to tickle my fancy. I suppose it’s a bit like when you know that you have some important work to do and all of a sudden it is imperative that you clean your room, and “Oh, I didn’t do last night’s dishes,” and feed the [insert appropriate pet], and help your mom in the garden. People say this is a bad thing. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe this to be something that you carefully master over time – an art, if you will. Being able to focus all your out-of-control, upside-down, humdrum, intensely-feather-brained, chaotic thoughts and energy onto one little measly, insignificant, unproductive (in most cases), mind-numbing activity to avoid doing what you were initially supposed to do. Genius!

So, don’t let them (whoever they are) tell you that you are wasting time. They (who knows who) are jealous. I think that’s what it comes to. They can’t willfully withstand their own grey matter.

I have perfected this Art.

Just saying.