I came. I saw. I did not conquer.

by You Have My Word

[Originally posted on Scream911 here.]


If you have ever been for an interview, you will know this feeling very well.

You are calm. You are confident. You are collected. You are qualified. You are…HAVING A PANIC ATTACK AT THE ENTRANCE DOOR!

Your words don’t come out right, your mouth is like a parrot’s cage (depending on your experience of a parrot’s cage this may have varying degrees of unattractiveness), you are certain the interviewer can see the veins popping out of your eyes, you develop a sudden itchyness on your nose, you wonder if you’re sitting right, you are most certain that he noticed that you have a crease on your freshly pressed black slacks, you try to convince yourself that you will be ok.

Most of the time you are. It is the process of actually getting through the interview that somehow says otherwise.

The Spanish Inquisition was this historic ‘event’ that took place a long time ago (if it didn’t it wouldn’t be referred to as ‘history’ – go figure) and there was a lot of death and politics and unhappiness and all those other things that are not so nice. I must say I felt a little weak at the knees as I crossed the threshold of the office door.

I came, I saw, but I did not conquer.

I survived, but remained jobless.


(if you don’t know what the Spanish Inquisition is, check out these links: