Assume the position

by You Have My Word

[Originally posted on Scream911 here.]

Fortunately for you, I need to start writing again. It has been way too long, and we are all (myself included) aware that I am far behind in terms of my Scream Saturday goal. Allow me to explain.

Don’t assume now, that I have nothing to do, and so I to blog to fill my time – oh no! That is where you are wrong. Nevertheless, your assumptions aside, it is merely time – amidst the circus of varsity and everything else that is going on, I write.

Have you noticed though, whenever you sit down to do something constructive, something happens to your eyes? Some subconscious (or unconscious, depending who you are) message is sent from our brain in protest to your now “I-must-be-productive” mindset. Rather frustrating, particularly when you have mountains of work to get through. This seems to speed up the process.

At 3am, after your gazillionth cup of coffee, you still feel a bit like Garfield when he firsts wakes up to Dreaded Monday’s. It is only at 10am later that morning (2 hours before the biggest assignment of your life is due to be given in) that you may (or may not?) have fallen asleep on your desk, and proceeded to drool unknowingly, in excessive amounts, across your work. The work that is due in 2 hours. There is nothing quite like that level of panic.

So, in essence, this is a tribute to those who are: writing exams, fighting their eyes open, ignoring the back spasms due to days in the same chair, madly typing assignments, trying to wrap their mind around the intricacies of Quantum physics, getting sunshine withdrawal symptoms, just trying to keep that drool contained. I wish you all the best.