Another hit from Mastercard

by You Have My Word

Buying that Colgate toothpaste – R14.99

Sending your electric toothbrush in for repairs – R249.99

Explaining why your bathroom is covered in white splatters – Priceless.

  • There are some things in life that really don’t need explaining:
  • Why you’re wearing a hat
  • Your beef or chicken choice
  • Breathing
  • Your absence when going to the restroom.

HOWEVER. There are some things that most certainly need explanation. It’s those awkward moments where everyone is wondering the same thing but no one has the guts to pose the question. Some of these are:

  • Where you were last night at 01:23 – the same time your neighbors dog was reported missing
  • The purple stain down the front of your dress
  • Bullet holes in your car door
  • The “I love knitting” magazine subscription to your biker friends

You see where I’m going.

It is for this reason that I was pleasantly surprised this week after sending three versions of my CV to a company I want to work for, and being told that I still haven’t sent them the right thing (my CV, as they said) I called and was informed that none of my attachment came through. Sometimes it just takes one brief conversation to clear things up.

So when people are repeating themselves, when their hair has glitter in it, when your boss is wearing an orange suit, when there’s a dog running around in a super market…you’ve got to ask some crucial things. Most of the time, the confusion will be cleared up.