Truth about teleporting

by You Have My Word

Today I experienced a most incredible sensation. Whether it was normal or not is another debate for another day, but I did wonder why this urge struck me.

I was at my desk at work (*cough* hard at work) reading a website about whether or not I should use the expression “and/or” in writing. My job entails quite a bit of editing and proofreading and I like to be grammatically correct (duh). Out of nowhere I felt panic rise and I felt like I needed to be wearing a seatbelt. AT MY DESK!

It was rather like I was teleported for a split second into my car and onto a really fast-moving highway. As soon as I blinked and looked up though, I was back at my desk.

It so turns out that I didn’t need a seatbelt at my desk at work. The offices are pretty stationary.