Dear Jesus…

by You Have My Word

Two words that say so much –
from broken homes
to battered bones –
hushed tones:
“Dear Jesus.”

In the chaos of the city rush –
skewed business deals,
honking horns and shrieking wheels,
pennies for a few more meals –
“Dear Jesus.”

A widow numbed and out of touch:
clasping church pews.
Grey and black hues –
nothing left to lose.
“Dear Jesus.”

School-ground play gets too rough.
Home-time prayers,
hostile glares,
mixed-emotion teenage cares –
“Dear Jesus.”

A father’s heart in pieces:
new-born life,
now dying wife –
happiness and strife –
“Dear Jesus.”

First-job candidate comparing leases –
thankful for a home,
feeling alone,
ready to grow:
“Dear Jesus.”

Friendships that love reaches –
a lending hand –
someone understands.
Encouraging words and,
“Dear Jesus.”

Two words that say so much –
sometimes in a song.
Someone with you all along:
somehow keeping you strong –
“Dear Jesus.”