Vocab lesson :: Relentless

by You Have My Word

Life is crazy. It doesn’t slow down or ease up. John Mayer wrote a song called “Stop this Train” about how it’s hard to cope with the speed that life moves at. It doesn’t stop for anybody or anything – it’s relentless! Relentless means:

a) unyielding in severity or strictness;

b) steady and persistent;

c) not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty; and

d) never ceasing.

To be relentless is to be merciless, fierce, ruthless, uncompromising, unstoppable, inflexible, unforgiving, undeviating, sustained, incessant, unfaltering, and continuous. There is no end.

God’s love for us is relentless. It’s fierce, unmovable, unchanging and persistent – eternally so! It’s our responsibility though, to relent to this love. To relent is:

a) to cause to soften in attitude or temper;

b) to give in;

c) to cause to slacken; and

d) to abandon.

The original meaning of the word literally means to “melt and dissolve.” Amidst the craziness and chaos of life, we need to relent our hearts and lives into the hands on a relentless God.