Six things you don’t know about me

by You Have My Word

Dear Treasured Reader,

We are in a relationship, you and I, so it’s only fair that I tell you a bit about myself. Here are six things you may never have known about me:

1) I always put on my left shoe first.
2) I hate bananas [insert gag noise], but love banana bread.
3) I sleep with a teddy-bear at night.
4) I started playing piano because I broke my right-hand pinkie in a game of touch-rugby, and it needed to be exercised.
5) I brush my teeth when I’m stressed.
6) I have globophobia – fear of balloons.

It’s about give and take they say – in a relationship, that is. Would you care to tell me a bit about yourself?

As always, thanks for reading.

You have my word,
Appreciative Writer.