Oh, that we would love one another

by You Have My Word

Com•pan•ion [km-pnyn]: n., one that accompanies another.

Love one another

The feeling that this image evokes will probably never be captured in words. I have rewritten the start of this post multiple times already because I cannot convey the totality of the impact and beauty that this picture represents. Even now, I’m brought to tears by how poignant, how perfect, how filled with compassion this moment is.

There are moments when you are compelled to stop dead in your tracks and reflect. Reflect on how you perceive things – how distorted your paradigm has become, the simplicity that nature demonstrates in such fragile moments… like these doves.

One is dead. One is alive. But they are there together. Companionship. Love. Loyalty. Love. Hurt. Ownership. Love. Friendship. Love. It must have been moments earlier that they were both tottering about on the tar, unaware of the vehicle advancing at a rate too quickly to respond to.

The rest is history. Now, huddled on the curb – the one with breath left in its lungs not moving even an inch away from the feathered, lifeless form next lying prostrate against the grainy cement. Such concern! That even as I sidled up along side them, engine humming, it did not shift one bit.

Oh, that we would love one another with a love like this. That we would be steadfast, unchanging, unfailing, unfathomably consistent with an unconditional, incomprehensible love. Oh, that we would love one another with a love that is true, a love that listens, a love that judges not by actions but by deep elements of character. Oh, that we would love expecting nothing in return – even till death!

Oh, that we would love when the situation seems hopeless, when our spirits seem faithless, when our bodies seem lifeless, when our hearts seem passionless. Oh, that we would love one another with a love that defies logic, redefines reason, shatters boundaries, crosses cultures, remoulds ideas, goes against the norm.

Oh, that we would love one another with a love that exemplifies Christ’s life as he walked among sinners, as he was crucified by gangs of mockers, as he rose to glorify His Father.