I’ve lost Your voice in the crowd

by You Have My Word

I don’t hear you speak.
It’s like I don’t even know your voice anymore.
Who are you?
Who am I?

Playing the part of my own play –
props and costumes.
I am alone centre-stage.
They laugh at me.

There is no more master script.
There is no more Director – God!
There is only me.

I say my lines all right
but they laugh still.
Stubbornness rules this actors heart.
Relent not.

I am strong… outside.
But inside I am breaking, broken – God!
Soften this selfish heart
that shuns your Word.

Have mercy – speak!
I do you wrong.
I am sinful man and
You are I AM.

Who am I in you?
I blaspheme You with my behaviour – God!
In the deep I yearn for you.
Longing – needing life – breath.

I have heard of You.
I know you know my name.
I think we’ve met before.
You are my friend.

I am yours – God!