Everyone has an STD

by You Have My Word

It’s true – everyone has an STD. Maybe not the kind you think and certainly not all the time, but they’re still rather unpleasant. In this case, I speak of STD as “Senseless Temporary Dysfunction”. Let’s look at two very prominent ones:

Got piles?

Let’s talk about the clutter in your life. Piles of stuff all over the place – home, work, your car. Even in a more figurative sense, piles of clutter in your heart –¬† undealt with emotions, unresolved issues, grudges held and an unhealthy tendency to hoard things – good or bad.

This is unhealthy – just like the actual piles (duh!) – so get rid of your crap! Take a day or a week or a month or make it a year project, but put things in order. You’ll be more productive, you’ll be happier and you’ll be less frazzled all round.

Got crabs?

This may even be a by-product of piles, but it can also stand alone. That grumpy, crabby, sulky, don’t-want-to feeling that often creeps up and bites us in the butt… that’s what I’m talking about. Let’s call it emotional mismanagement, over-tiredness, or even simply a bad day. It’s up to you though whether you’re going to stay in that frame-of-mind or whether you’re going to move on.

If you need to, wallow in it for a while, but then pull yourself together and get going again. That’s a miserable place to stay – for you and for everyone around you. So, cry and wail and shout and mooch and blob, but then move on. Nobody likes a frowny face.