Vocab lesson :: Ubiquitous

by You Have My Word

This word for me speaks oodles about how we should live each day. In plain terms, it’s the ideal state for our relationship with God. It demonstrates the character of God and how we should respond to it.

Ubiquitous is:

  • existing or being everywhere at the same time: constantly encountered.

To encounter is:

  • to come upon or experience especially unexpectedly.
  • to meet.
  • to engage.
  • to come upon face-to-face.

Encountering God all the time! Day after day after day – in the places we least expect, or when we seek Him out, to spend time with him, or be blown away by His faithfulness and grace in moments of weakness.

Ubiquitous, for me, is greater than these three put together:

  • Omnipotent: having virtually unlimited authority or influence; obsolete.
  • Omnipresent: present in all places at all times.
  • Omniscient: having infinite awareness, understanding or insight; possessed of universal or complete knowledge.

It’s all three of these and more! We can experience this “omni” God everywhere – all the time at the same time. It’s incredible that we have the privilege – undeserving humans – of encountering, interacting with, experiencing this ubiquitous God all the time.