November PAD Challenge 11 & 12 | Love, fat and death

by You Have My Word

Here are another two poems for the November PAD Challenge – I’ve warmed up and hope to keep up with the second half of November.

Eleventh prompt:

  • write a poem involving math and/or numbers (I realize the higher you go in math the more abstract it gets).

I struggled a bit with this one because I’m not particularly good at maths – in fact, the idea of it freaks me out completely. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot:

To my sweetie ∏
When it comes to love,
the deeper it goes,
the more abstract is it:
one plus one equals six.

I was never good
at equations of any kind.
I can’t make any sense of…
maybe, I’m not good at love.

Mathematics is constant,
just like the way we feel.
I’ll be with you till I die,
my darling sweetie ∏.


Twelfth prompt:

  • write an excess poem.


It was hard to decide which “excess” I’d like to speak about, but just this weekend I’d seen something that inspired me – turns out, the scenario came in handy after all. Quite visual – here’s my shot at it:

French fries and a funeral
rotund mass
stands in line.
oily arteries
don’t give much time.
stuffed cavities
will commit murder.
obese victim
orders another burger.