November PAD Challenge 15 | Set it alight

by You Have My Word

The thing about poetry, is that it doesn’t always have to make sense. The meaning is often found in the structure and the rhythm of words as it runs or falls or bounces or crashes from line to line. It’s beautiful.

The fifteenth prompt for the November PAD Challenge was this:

  • Write a love poem. Or
  • Write an anti-love poem.

Set it alight
You can decide for yourself which one mine is, here goes:

Set it alight
Passion must burn like
fire must consume.
It burns – running deep and
stopping at nothing until
it burns. Hurt.
Flames scorched –
we got too close.
In an instant it’s done,
and all that remains are
smoldering embers of what could have been.
Dull and grey memories
of yesterdays
come and gone.
Taken by the breeze –
dreams and hopes and fears
and whims of what could have been.
Ashes floating on the wind.