November PAD Challenge 16 & 17 | Once upon a…

by You Have My Word

Here are two slightly amusing poems (to me, anyway) written for the November PAD Challenge.

Prompt 16:

  • Write a “Once upon a (blank)” poem.

Here’s what I wrote – and a true story at that:

Once upon a sidewalk
I’m standing.
The bus is coming.
The storm came first.
I’m standing soaked.


Prompt 17:

  • Write a poem that reveals something.

I enjoy a bit of nonsense every now and again, so here it is:

Fancy dress fantasy
The funniest thing
I ever did see;
I couldn’t believe my eyes
as it stood before me.
A white horse creature
with a nose that never stopped –
it couldn’t bend or break
or move or flop.
He greeted me
with much hilarity:
he said “Dear sir,
don’t look at me like I fell out a tree.”
He was proud that he
was the first I’d come across.
He was so sure of himself,
but I wondered if he was lost.
This creature all donned up –
a tie around his throat.
You’d never believe I’d seen
a unicorn in a waistcoat.