Why This. Is. Annoying. and why I do it all the time

by You Have My Word

I wish that when you read what you read when I write, that somehow, you’d hear my voice reading it to you in your head. I write with a certain tone, a certain tongue-and-cheek and with a certain intent. I’m scared that all of those are lost sometimes. I’m scared you miss the point completely. I’m scared you Just. Don’t. Get. It.

Punctuation does help some, but it’s not sufficient. As a writer (I like to call myself that whether you think I’m any good or not), I’ll grab any tools I can find to make sure you understand, to make sure you get the tone, to make sure you pick up on the emphasis and Un. Der. Stand.

Next time you’re at a public speaking competition, or a public address, or listening to a sermon, or watching the news, the speaker will always break up sentences when they want to draw your attention to something particularly important. Example (from 1:00):

“blablabla… one of the Worst. Famine’s. In. Somalia’s. History… blablablabla… a chance to relive Their. Lost. Childhood.”

I know it can be annoying and it upsets the flow of writing. I know that poetic license should be savoured (and probably only used in the occasional Tweet). I know that a full stop after every word is very, very incorrect. But I’m OK with all that.

So, because I can’t read what I write to you, you’ll have to Deal. With. This.