November PAD Challenge 25, 26, 27

by You Have My Word

This is the last week (few days) of the November PAD Challenge. I’m almost sad – it’s like saying goodbye to a new friend. I’ve found a renewed sense of enjoyment in poetry. Here’s my catch up for the last three days:

Prompt 25:

  • Write a consumption poem.

So I did:

Burn at both ends
in the day
in the night.
It melts –
your heart –
and drips and
burns but
and memories
like wax are
The wick,
burning quick
as it nears
the end.
Meeting half way
but burnt out –
there’s no

middle road

for those
who set fire
to all loose ends.

Prompt 26:

  • Write a good old days poem.

Here’s mine:

Bunker beds
Back when wars were trenches
dug with soft, innocent hands
in sand, and grenades were
clumps of clay hurled at neighbours kids
with no real consequence
but grains of grit meeting eyes wide
in grubby faces and headquarters
were planks and nails haphazardly hammered
into low, soft-wood trees.

Back when politics were about parties
in backyards and who got the biggest piece of cake.
It wasn’t make or break when secrets told beneath the swings
drew eyes and smiles and no one
went home feeling ashamed.
Lunch time peace treaties and sarmies
of peanut butter and orange juice
and everyone knew your name.

Prompt 27:

  • Write a tribute poem.

Just won’t go away
I tip my hat
and my hand
and my purse
to the man
on the street
when he stands
day in-out
with no plan
and it’s hot.