Cut the Christmas crap

by You Have My Word

Christmas time

I’m not so sure I like Christmas. I like the idea of Christmas, but I really can’t stand Christmas itself. Call me a bad Christian – call me whatever – but let’s get real here: apart from Valentine’s Day, there is no other holiday as pretentious as Christmas.

Here’s what I don’t like: I don’t like the rat-race of society’s “spend, spend, spend” mentality. I don’t like the pretentious “Merry Christmas” thrown about when for a lot of people it’s not very merry at all. I don’t like the guilt people feel because they forgot to buy so-and-so a gift – or can’t afford to buy gifts. I don’t like family feuds over who was invited for Christmas dinner or not. I don’t like how people run up thousands in debt. I don’t like how parents give gifts as a way to  “buy” their children’s approval, when all the kids want is some quality time. I don’t like mince pies – it’s not even mince! I don’t like how people slink in and out of church without any heart change – it’s about Jesus for goodness sake!

I do understand Christmas though, and why we celebrate Christmas. I love how families gather after not being together for so long. I love delicious home-baked cookies. I love how people take this one opportunity to go to church – whether they believe or not doesn’t change the fact that they are hearing truth. I love how kids think a big fat man in a red suit leaves them gifts under an overly decorated tree. I love reconciliation and laughter. I love Christmas carols sung by children – even though they’ll be stuck in your head till Easter. I love how the whole world takes this special day to acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ – consciously, or not. I love candy canes.

Here’s what Christmas is really about:

  1. Christ, first and foremost. I mean, “Helloooooo! CHRIST-mas!”
  2. Love, family and friends alike.

If the first two criteria are fulfilled then, and then only, consider gifts and good food and holidays in exotic locations, and toys and crackers and sweets.

Let’s just cut the Christmas crap, and get back to what it’s about: Jesus. Before the holidays really start, before the spending sets in, before we get caught up in things that are trivial or pretentious… get the right perspective, then get festive.