God doesn’t play games, what about Playstation?

by You Have My Word

Playstation buttons

I feel like this could be performed as spoken word poetry; when you read it think of it as a live stage performance.

I think God must be pretty good at Playstation.
This may sound blasphemous but
that’s underestimating how much I believe it to be true.
He’d definitely kick my ass
and He would most certainly kick yours too.

Here’s the thing you see:
while we consider ourselves to have a standard way of thinking
and when we’re really showing off we’d call it “higher grade” –
you know like four buttons
and some direction keys to tell objects and characters
how to behave
within a screen. I find that we’re pretty dumb
in comparison.

Seven billion people is the place I’d like to start.
He’s not just pushing us around either,
He lives in our hearts. Well,
that is if you let Him take control –
you don’t feel so much like a doll
when He’s on a roll though,
just go with the flow.

He plays so much He knows all the fields,
the weapons to yield – actually,
He created it, tested it, knows how it feels.
Enter: Jesus.
New character and definitely worth display.
Yesterday, today, an array of power
we’d never even think to possess – yes,
He lives in this chest.

God doesn’t play games,
He sure as hell doesn’t mess around.
Playstation has nothing on this game when He’s around.
Nintendo, some would say, comes that little bit closer –
scary wireless motion sense and all the rest –
but I never got it, I never cared.

There’s no new version or model or upgrade –
whatever kids do to get better games these days.
It’s the best from beginning to end –
X Box is a joke –
in the end, He’s won already.
There’s hope. Don’t try take him on.
He’s the boss, always first place, prize-taker, owner –
he plays with fervent determination.
As I said, I think God must be pretty good at Playstation.