Happy New Year and “hi” to your mom for me

by You Have My Word

Happy New Year sweet readers! I do trust that your portal from 2011 to 2012 was a jolly, festive one (and that you can remember enough of it to call it “a good time”). Here’s some booze food for thought as we hurtle into this year:

When asked “what are the only constant things in life?” the average person will respond with: “Death and Taxes” (yes, with capital letters). The only two things we can be absolutely, without-a-doubt, certain of is that everyone will die eventually and you will always pay taxes. Oh, and there will always be change – three things, whoop-di-do.

Everything else is up and down or upside down (depends who’s head you live in) – situations fluctuate, people adapt, grow up, move on.

I would like to add something, or rather someone, to this list. Something we can be totally sure of – come rain, snow, sun, the end of the world, good days, bad days, any-kind-of-anything-can-happen-kind-of-days:


Unswerving. Unchanging. Uncompromising. Unrelenting. Don’t forget that.