The little things that shake my world

by You Have My Word

I’m a fairly low-maintenance girl. It’s really the little things that shake my world, make my day, assure me and give me hope. I feel like a child, a lot of the time – a child that’s just discovered a box of buttons, but sees it as the most valuable thing in the world.



Popping bubble wrap. Marmite on toast. Hugs. Baking with others.
Blowing dandelions. Teddies. Colouring in. Blowing out candles.
Scouring the dictionary for new words. Conversations in the dark.
Cookies. Wearing hats and sneakers. Laughing.
Finding rhythm in arb things like howling trees and washing machines.
The smell of books. Cows. Sneezing. Wine and friends. Cycling in rain.
Watching people in coffee shops. Saxophone solos. Writing.