There’s nothing smelly about these feet

by You Have My Word

Walk, feet, Jesus, journey


May you know Love that was there before man set foot on Earth.
May you know Justice that lead a nation, crossing a desert on foot, for forty years.
May you know Surrender in saying “Here am I, send me,” and going.
May you know Sacrifice that paced the desert in prayer for ministry.
May you know Forgiveness that walked among sinners.
May you know Rejoicing that spoke a lame man back onto his feet.
May you know Grace that poured perfume on Jesus’ feet.
May you know Humility that washed disciples’ feet.
May you know Perseverance that kept moving feet to face the cross.
May you know Mercy that cried as nails were driven into Saviour’s hands and feet.
May you know Assurance that ties the shoes of the gospel of peace on your feet.
May you know Compassion that treads along side you.
May you know Redemption that will come again.