Sit up straight | Wide awake and sleep walking

by You Have My Word

This is what a wake-up call looks like:

Deep breathing. Hyperventilating. Wide eyed. Terrified. All things possible. Trouble. Spinning. Light sleeping. Eyes leaking. Excitement. Frightened. Possibility. Be anybody. Travel. Unravel. Cave in. Win-win. Considering. Limitless options. Weigh carefully. Numb. Undone. Crazy. Taste of insanity. Go. Grow. Pale faced. Rat-race.  Earth is a stage. New chapter. New page. Confusion. Hide. Cry. Fly. Open. Broken. Rack brain. Fidget fingers. Doubt withers. Hope. Cope. Unknown. Anticipation. Jumping up and down. Past behind. Unwind. Decisions. Melt down. Moving around. Joy. Time bomb deploy. Detour. See who’s there. Exit strategy. Scare. Don’t care. Double dare.