Letter to my cereal | Plea to Coco Pops

by You Have My Word

Dear Coco Pops,
I really hope it’s not today that you decide to burst all over the insides of my bag.
I know you’re trapped
inside a little plastic container –
I put you there this morning because it’s really easier to carry you that way.
You do make my day
but I’ll be sad if we start the day
this way
with your contents splayed
in disarray
and there’d be nothing I could say
to change it,
so don’t
spill all over the inside of my bag.
I’d prefer you in my insides
once I’d opened wide
and chomp, chomp, crunch, pop, chomp:
Who’d ever thought I’d use that word with you?
It’s true.
So I beseech you
one last time:
please let me not find
you in my bag
spread annoyingly all over the insides.