You’re dead | Here’s what I should have said

by You Have My Word

It occurred to me that I may
have to speak at your funeral one day
and it scared me.
I mean, what would I say?
Especially because I’ll only have
so much time to read
what I write on the page
I’ll be holding and folding
in the corners nervously
stuttering my way
as I give one last tribute to you:
my epilogue to the closing act of your life.

So I decided,
obviously after hours of reasoning with myself
and trying to figure out what I felt,
that I would make an effort to give tribute to you
wherever I can.
Why should I wait till you keel over and peg?
I’m not saying I’d mind if I have to say something
after your Granny Mary or Uncle Ted –
all of us lined up like shots
only to be poured out instead.
Also, I really hope it’s not open casket
because then you’ll be there –
in the flesh,
not just in my head –
nevertheless, adding to my already growing dread
because of the things I should have said
long ago.

So here’s my first tribute.
What you need to know
so you can’t say “I told you so”…
that won’t be possibly anyway,
will it?