Angry, self-righteous baggage-carrier

by You Have My Word

You’re taking medication for a condition no one knows about but you.

You’re angry at your best friend so you’re not talking to them.

You hate your job but slap on a smile and blame your boss for your unhappiness.

You drink yourself to sleep every night so you don’t have to cry.

You’re jealous of the time your parents spend with your sibling instead of you.

You feel judged by your church.

You’re secretly self-righteous because “you’ve had it hard and have made it so far by yourself.”

You’re lonely and the marks hidden beneath your long sleeves tell the tale.

You hold unforgiveness for all physical, emotional, mental abuse you’ve encountered.

You hope no one ever finds out the name of the boy you slept with.

You’re more disappointed than your dad because you failed that big exam.

You work through the night more than you should because you really don’t want to go home.

You’re so exhausted from all these stories you carry, you forget to carry the Cross.

Sometimes we count it too much to carry the Cross. We’re so burdened by everything else we carry around with us, that we leave the Cross behind. I tweeted this last week: “10 cents is enough when 10 cents is all you need. In the same way, Jesus is enough when Jesus is all you need.” When we pick up the Cross first, we will find it easier or even unnecessary to carry all our other baggage. The Cross is all we need to carry. Drop the rest.