Your heart is a crowded city

by You Have My Word

Your heart is a crowded city,
polluted. No one can move around in it,
let alone live in it.
The streets are well-worn with
foot tread that can tell
stories more enticing than when
the Pied Piper walked through.
Mall marches: hum drum, flip flop, tick tock
and too much money spent
on too many useless things.
(Money can’t buy love.)
But if you stop for just a moment
amidst the honk “Hey! Drive!”
and the unsettled city life
and prices on the rise
you will notice:
There’s a river that runs beneath
these we-once-knew-love ruins.
Look closely at the brickwork:
there’s water seeping through.
Moss grows in rubble where shoes
don’t step,
there’s growth where it looks like death.
Bend down and touch it
because everyone else is too busy
to notice.

Your heart is a crowded city.