I’ve got baggage, how about you?

by You Have My Word

I’ve got baggage, yes, I do! I’ve got baggage, how about you? Much like cheerleaders chant at sport events about having spirit, I feel like I could chant this a lot of the time. Don’t try and tell me you don’t have baggage, because firstly, it’s not true and secondly, I’ll give you a wake up call with a bit of baggage called “denial”. See? Told you so. You’ve got baggage too. And it’s OK for you to have baggage – we all do.


It’s not the end of the world if you’re carrying around a whole lot of things. It makes life interesting. When you go to an airport, not everyone’s baggage looks the same – some are carrying surfboards wrapped in cling-wrap, others carry golf clubs, some only have hand luggage. Rev. Run says this, “Everyone carries some kind of burden, it’s how you carry it that counts.”

airport baggage

Perhaps it’s not the fact that you have baggage, but rather how you carry it that counts. (Even dating sites agree. Oh wait, they said that.) In fact the shape or size doesn’t matter at all – it’s really down to efficiency of lugging it all around that makes the difference. There’s a very handy post over here that talks about whether you’ve got a big bag and carry it every now and again, or whether you’ve got a small bag and carry it all the time, you’re still going to experience the same amount of pain. Maybe we should repack and take some stuff out? Deal with things and leave them behind.

unpack baggage

You’ll find too that asking someone to help you carry the baggage makes all the difference – the load is split two ways rather than you struggling it out alone. Have you ever tried carrying a double-seater couch down a flight of stairs alone? Didn’t think so. And if you have, I’m fairly confident it wasn’t very successful (and falling all the way to the bottom doesn’t count).

kinds of baggage

Even Mary Poppins had baggage. OK, she had a ton of cool stuff hoarded away in that bag, but still. There is no shame, but we shouldn’t carry the same baggage our whole lives. Can you imagine taking the same bag, with the same clothes and toiletries in on every single trip you went on? Not pleasant. We unpack, repack, take out, put in, wash, buy things, change bags, jump on to close, and leave with luggage that doesn’t look the same. I hope for you, you leave with a lighter load every time.