Things the ocean taught me

by You Have My Word

  • Even waves break at some point. There’s no need to keep it together all the time.
  • It is harder to reach the surface if you can’t kick off the bottom. Make sure your foundations are unshakeable.
  • I am small. God is big.
  • Be alert – don’t get caught in the wrong currents. Where you place your resources reflects your values and directs your journey – don’t put them in the wrong place.
  • It’s a lot more fun swimming with others than swimming alone. Don’t do life by yourself either.
  • The lighthouse will always stand above everything else. Fix your eyes on the Cross – it is always above everything else.
  • Just keep swimming or doing whatever it takes to stay head-above-water: tread, kick, stroke, float. Perseverance is everything.
  • There is beauty below the surface. Don’t judge things by the way they seem.