I remember the cross

by You Have My Word

I remember the cross.
A stark silhouette protruding against darkening sky.
A duo of sinners present, to be crucified
by the side
of the Son of the living God.

I remember the cross.
The multitudes gathered like the time
the Christ
turned water into wine
and fed the five
thousand and
drove demons into swine
and the day He was baptised.
Yet, here they stood waiting for him to die.
They granted freedom to a murderer but sentenced Redemption personified:

I remember the cross.
A gamble of lots for what the King of the Jews wore.
Soldiers betting beneath a scene of gore
and they would draw
to see who would get more.
I could not believe the disregard.

I remember the cross.
The smell of nail-and-blood iron, mingled with sweat –
and push-shove row-dy
fists and feet trying to get a little bit closer to gentle Jesus, meek and mild
at the mercy-hands of a wild
furious, maddening crowd.

I remember the cross.
Final cry.
Spear in side.
Tears from eyes.
Black sky.
Saviour died.