Marriage and Other Scary Stuff | MOSS Intro

by You Have My Word

MOSS, in short, stands for: Marriage and Other Scary Stuff (so you see what I did there?). I mentioned this ‘series’ in a post here, talking about things coming up in May.

Where did it start?

A few months ago this idea popped into my head – I wanted to write a two-piece series in partnership with another blogger about this topic. Needless to say we never got round to it, and I am reminded again that God orchestrates our lives even down to the blogging details.

My heart began to stir again a few weeks ago and I couldn’t get “Marriage and Other Scary Stuff” out of my brain. And so I set out to make this more than a two-piece post.

What was the brief?

I embarked on a dangerous journey. I have asked some of the most respected people/bloggers I know to attempt a shot at this topic so I could dedicate time and space on my blog to discussing this top. I gave them no specific brief other than to write rawly, honestly, openly. They could write about the “Marriage” bit or the “Other Scary Stuff” bit. Some are long, some are short. Some writers are married, others are not. There are girls and guys writing, there are young and… *ahem* a little older writers too.

What’s happened since?

In hoping that in some way it would touch the lives of readers, I have been deeply impacted by their words. I have cried, I have laughed, I have been in thought for days about some of these posts. For most of the guest bloggers who will feature, they have said this has been one of the most difficult things they’ve had to write. And I can say the same.

I have wrestled and pondered and redrafted and changed words time and time again. What I am learning as pieces unfold in this journey of “Marriage and Other Scary Stuff” is that God is working deeply with me and I trust that you will allow Him to work deeply in your heart as you read these too.

Where to now?

Here are some practical things you should take note of:

  1. The first post will be published on Monday, 14 May 2012 at 09:00 (in whatever time-zone South Africa is in).
  2. All posts will be published at 09:00.
  3. There are 13 posts altogether (from the launch).
  4. The order of posts (aside from using mine as the launch post) is completely random – I am posting them in the order I received them.
  5. You can identify the series by MOSS in the title and what part of the series it is, e.g. Part 3

If you’ve got questions or suggestions or anything to say really, drop me a message here, or comment below, or catch me on Twitter, or Facebook, or on the individual posts as they come out.

Also, if you want to repost/link this somewhere, you should drop me an email on scream [dot] 911 @ hotmail [dot] com – I would love for this to be shared with as many people as possible!


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