Marriage: it’s simple | MOSS Part 4

by You Have My Word

Before you get stuck into this simple and profound piece, make sure you know what MOSS is – check it out here. Annemi Ferreira, a great friend and steady woman of God, is today’s writer. Her quiet (not timid), unswerving faith is what I aspire to. Follow her on Twitter while you’re at it.


The wedding day: the day that every girl dreams about for years prior to the big event. The dress, the venue, the flower girl dresses, who the bridesmaids will be, the flowers, the food, and the list goes on and on. Then the day arrives, and before you know it, it’s 24 hours later and the rush and celebration-chaos is over. The most important part of that entire day though, is sometimes not paid enough attention to – the covenant made to God, and each other. This is the part that remains.

That is truly what it’s all about: the promise made to God to love, honour and respect the person standing next to you through sickness, health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part. That’s a big promise to make to the Master of the world, and a promise that must be kept to have a “forever and ever” life together! Forever! And ever! Scared? Don’t be – it’s exciting!

What we all deeply desire is companionship – whether we know it or not, whether we admit to it or not. Everyone wants to find their lobster (Watch Phoebe’s Lobster Theory from Friends here). Once this is realised, it’s not all that scary – it’s beautiful, and life-long. The key then, is to keep the promise you make once you’ve found your ‘lobster’.

My husband and I spoke the other day and came to the conclusion that marriage is actually very simple. Maybe not easy, but simple. Men should shower their wives with love, and women should respect their husbands without compromise. Both should accept each other as they are and enjoy each other – best friends for life.

We always enjoy the fact that, even after eight years, we have something to talk about – be it at a restaurant, driving for 14 hours in the car, or just painting a fence together (which I did better than he did… just saying). Friendship is so important in a marriage. Yes, you will annoy each other and drive each other up the wall, but that’s a relationship and will be the case with any guy or girl. So, stick with your little annoying hunny-bunn even when you’d rather run a thousand miles away.

It can only get better as you start to grow together day by day and as you start to accept and enjoy the small things that used to drive you crazy. Accept the clothes on the floor next to the wash-basket as gift to you to practice your stretching (consider it your exercise for the day). Pick it up; he is doing it for your benefit (even though it really doesn’t feel like it at the time – haha).

I think the foundation of a marriage must be solid, based on how God expects it to be. If His rules are followed then you are set for life and will have a wonderful friendship, relationship and marriage.

I pray that each person that’s read my two minute’s worth, will be blessed in their marriage with their husband or wife – now or in the future. Enjoy every second of it – it is a gift from God. Simple.


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