Love and language: thank you | MOSS Recap

by You Have My Word

Just more than a week after Marriage and Other Scary Stuff wrapped up, I figured it would be good to recap and regroup and give recognition where it is due. If I was famous, maybe this would be a speech I’d give at the Grammy’s or some cool event. However, I’m not so, here it is in the simplicity of writing.

More than giving recognition where it is due, I need to give glory to the Divine Orchestrator without whom all the words written, and all the stories told, and all the analogies made, in the MOSS series would have been void. Graciously, God – as Almighty Creator – has imparted something of Himself into me, that manifests in a deep desire to write, to express, to create with words, and convey something of who He is through who I am. I am far from getting it right, but He is gracious still.

To each of the writers – with the deepest, sincerest, humblest appreciation, thank you. From the bottom of my hea– no, even that’s too shallow… From the tiny tip of my little baby toe, to the highest piece of frizzed hair, and with all my being, I am grateful. To Simon, Dee, Annemi, Silvy, Brett, Tinette, Elora, Paul, Stephen, Kurt, Mark and Bruce: thank you. For your willingness to write, firstly; your honesty; your openness about brokenness (I’m sorry that came out as a cheesy rhyme); your own flair, quirks, and style; your truth; your bravery to write in boldness and obedience; your revelations of God as father, friend, lover, healer, refuge, provider, restorer. Thank you. You – as I – cannot begin to fathom the impact these words have had and will continue to have. Trust God to finish the work that has begun as each seed has been sown in hearts and minds.

To each reader that has come back intentionally, stumbled upon MOSS accidentally, glanced over posts hopefully, bashed through them haphazardly… Your support and trust and interest is of unmeasureable value to me. Not just for the sake of knowing I have readers who take my words as they are, but to know there’s a community of people who believe in the promulgation of truth through the powerful tool of words.

I’d like to think this journey isn’t finished. So maybe I should say something like “watch this space” or “series two to follow soon” or even just “single posts coming to a blog near you” but then I’d be under pressure and I don’t like that.

I will, however, open the floor at this point to each of you: if you wish to write a response to a specific post or a separate post altogether under the “Marriage and Other Scary Stuff” banner (so to speak), you can send it to me via email and I’ll put it through the blog-post-filter (a really fancy machine that tells me what to post and when and how to post stuff).

My email is: scream [dot] 911 [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Please include: what post you are responding to (if you are responding) or a title for your piece (if you are writing a stand-alone post).

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