This is for you Christians

by You Have My Word

This is for you Christians, so stand proud. Stand tall, and don’t apologise for identity that you have taken on. It is not shameful, it is saving. It is not revolting, it is redemptive. It is not  weak, it is wonderful. Wear it loud – make noise with your voice – when asked what you believe. Who are you? The answer is simple. Do not answer with your name. If you are a Christian, your identity is not your own.

Christian. The noun. Christ, personified. I have no confidence in my own flesh. I am more than a Christ look-alike.

I have a problem with the contortion that this word – Christian – has taken. As if the way it exists does not fit just right so we’ve made it a little more comfortable to accommodate our own mistaken identity crisis. We call it Christ-follower, God-lover, disciple-of-Jesus instead. I understand why.

There have been too many well-known names that have profaned and shamed this Christian. There have been wars declared in the name of the Divine. Presidents consider themselves above the law, the people in an uproar because if the nation is ‘Christian’ then why aren’t we pro life? Is gay marriage OK? Why are the police untamed beating citizens without restrain? I wouldn’t call myself Christian either. I don’t want to be filtered through that same hypocritical Christian game.

I am a Christ-follower, yes. I am a God-lover, yes. I am a disciple of Jesus, yes (and fill-in-the-blank-with-whatever-other-phrase-you-choose). But I am first and foremost a Christian. I am a Bible-believer, I am longing to go deeper, I am wild with the wonder that is salvation, I am Holy Spirit power, I am unbridled and unmatched hope found. I am.

I Am, in me. Christian, is the Great I Am – God – in me dwelling.

It is too simple to call myself a Christ-follower. I am more than a Jesus-loving dog-like human being led on a life leash doing neat tricks for rewards and sweet treats. I am a Christian. Fully Christ in me, fully Christ embodied – the power of whom is fully vested in me, flesh now walking among men. This is what it means. I am not simply in favour of the Gospel. The Gospel and grace of God – Father, Spirit, Son – has lavished favour on me. I carry high and loud and proud that what was and is and will be: the example that Christ set, so others can see. Massive responsibility.

It is too elementary to say God-lover in isolation. There are many people with many gods. Mine is Sovereign, supreme – the only. But there are many that call their god mighty and so to say I am a God-lover leaves too much space for creeping-in-wrong-theology. I am a Christian God-lover. Christ in me. God. Love. I do. I have chosen to. Because Christ, chose me.

This is for you Christians who do not stutter when the Word sprints from your lips. This is for you Christians who don’t whisper when asked why you hold onto this. This is for you Christians who bravely bear the brazen brand of belief. This is for your Christians who don’t back down, burn at the stake, preach relentlessly without relief.