When does it get easier?

by You Have My Word

Imagine we were intrinsically good? Impossible, yes; but imagine.

What our selfish nature wants blasts like raw rap through stereo phones straight into our hearts. Hard to block out that kind of vibration. When does our fight to change the rhythm get easier? When does our trudge to break the trance become a simple two-step?

For the recovering alcoholic: when does a lekker chop en braai become a social event and not a test against will? When does a night alone become a night of rest instead of a substance bath?

For the recovering smoker: when does a business social merely mean a drink and a handshake without needing to burn paper, tobacco, lungs?

For the recovering bulimic: when does a meal become sustenance for the body and not a torment? When does any intake mean more than feeding the need to feel in control?

For the recovering pornography addict: when does a search engine become more than a portal into a land of lust? When does that phat hip hop track evoke rhythm and not a desperate need to satisfy?

For the recovering gambler: when does money earned at month end hold more value than a twitch to hit slots? When does writing a cheque leave the image of a poker table behind?

For the recovering shopaholic: when does a grocery trip become a family outing and not a way to get out of life? When does a credit card lose its ability to boost self esteem?

For each of us: when does it get easier?

I look to the example of Jesus. He always knew He would die for mankind – that the very people He journeyed with and loved, would kill Him. For three years of ministry He constantly battled people’s judgement, temptation (particularly in the desert), loneliness, mockery. He knew though that for the lives of others to be changed He had to carry on. The morning He woke knowing He’d have to face the cross… I don’t think that qualified as getting easier.


His source of strength was not His own. He drew strength from the Father – God – on days when it really wasn’t going well. We should do the same. It’s not rocket science. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Dear Jesus… help me.” I think there are days that are easier than others, but then there are those impossible days you think it can’t get any worse.

Go, press on, push through. Walk forward in a strength that is not your own. Instead of looking for the “easier”, draw from the eternal God. Therein lies the ease.