and God.

by You Have My Word

“and God.” is what I typed before erasing it.

I saw a Facebook status yesterday where someone expressed regret towards having hurt people in their life. They said they wished they hadn’t and closed with: “But these hands can’t heal them only time can.”

Right there I wanted to share some piece of truth. Right there I wanted to cross cyberspace and reveal a glimmer of hope. Right there I wanted them to understand God as Healer.

“and God.”


What would my two words prove? Would they have stirred some deep recognition of life or would they have served as another blow to the wedge already seated steadfast between their heart and this Healer?

I would like to think that my feeble attempt would have been taken in genuine form. I fear that it would have come across as pretentious. I would like to think that my desperate two-syllable outstretched hand would have been taken to heart with sincerity and grace. I fear that it would have seemed arrogant. I would like to think that my heart would have been read clearly in that simple statement – and God: a fact that I’ve come to love so comfortably. I fear that they would have felt guilty because of the “and God” that they’d seemingly discarded.

How do I get the two to meet – this fusion and friction between mission and fear? How do I tell them “and God” without scaring them off?

Maybe instead of “and God”, I need to write “just God.” A God that is both just – guided by absolute¬†truth, reason, justice, and fairness – and a God that is all I need: just God. Just God brings healing. Just God, Healer.