Spoken Sessions and a journey of words

by You Have My Word

They tell me to write about what moves me; this is what I write:

Words move me. They may not seem like much, but when no one is watching they wake depths I have never dared to delve before. Words speak. Words heal. Words tell stories. Words are stories. Words are a balm for hurt when a simple “sorry” shatters air. Words crave page, pen, willing minds to shape. Words in letters, on shopping lists, convincing juries, scolding children, translating Bibles. Words connect people, carry people, calm people, confuse people. Words blur boundaries of culture and society and class. Words demonstrate Who the Creator is in us.

If you’d said to me even eight months ago that I would be throwing myself into pioneering a community of performers and appreciators of the spoken arts, I would have stared into the distance wistfully and probably chuckled. I give myself a little license to punt this on You Have my Word because of a few things: Today I can say that we have successfully hosted and performed at four events, had more than twenty poets take to the mic, found a venue that loves what we do, and officially launched our first product. Enter:

Spoken Sessions spoken word poetry

If you know me well, it probably comes up at least once every time I see you. If you know me well enough to have me added on Facebook, you’ve probably seen various (i.e. millions) of links concerning it. If you only know me in blog form, then allow me to introduce the Spoken Sessions.

In essence, we are performers and appreciators of the spoken and auditory arts. Based in and around Pretoria/Joburg, we want to facilitate events where this art is expressed in spoken word, poetry, literature, rap, stories, monologues or whatever form explored, to celebrate words.

Celebrate Create Communicate slogan bracelet

Our vision is to celebrate words, create our own, and communicate these with others. That’s a very fancy way of saying that we love poetry, we love words in whatever form they come and we want to share this passion with others.

The emphasis of Spoken Sessions is as much about the performer as it is about the audience – one cannot exists without the other. Whether you can lay a rap or write a rhyme, whether you tell silly tales or only have three lines – you are welcome. If you have a literary qualification or not, you are welcome. If you’re a closet writer, this is a space for you to feel at home. Whoever you are, we want you to feel like this is a platform for you to explore your thoughts, words, performance personality and at the very least, who you are.

I work alongside an incredible gentleman who shares the same heart for this as I do. Spoken Sessions began as a passing conversation dream that we had and since then we’ve been hurled into a whirlwind of marketing, rehearsing, organising, exploring, and sharing the world of Spoken Sessions. What an adrenalin rush! And it won’t end here.

Naturally, we would not have got very far if it weren’t for the faithful support of friends, family and those weird ones who latch onto dreams – thank you. To each person has given any fraction of their time, a single encouraging word or a hands-on resourceful approach: thank you. Each event has been a celebration of community and then the celebration of craft.

At our last event I stood back for a moment and was in awe of how far we’d come. I believe God gives us passions and gives us the perseverance to pursue them relentlessly. This has been the journey so far. I have high expectations for what the future will hold, and I have to trust that God holds that dream just as carefully as He holds me.

If you care to join me in celebrating spoken arts, check Spoken Sessions out all over:

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