God, how can you love such a beast?

by You Have My Word

These words from The Overseer’s track “Estrange” ring true. We are fallen and flawed. We’ve lost sight of Christ and our call. The message of grace reminds us that God, in His sovereignty, has reached out to bridge the gap between us to draw us to Himself.

Grace show us your face and bring redemption.
We’ve all lost sight of the call.
A dimming light with every generation,
we will be the death of us all.
Grace show your face.

In the countdown to 500 Words on Grace, my heart is expectant of the lives that this truth is going to set alight. Read keenly when they come, open your mind but more importantly your soul, and let the promise of grace restore lost pieces of your story.

When darkness seems to hide His face, I rest on His unchanging grace
Your grace abounds to me, Jesus, in You I find all that I need