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by You Have My Word

A few days ago, I received an invitation to write and contribute something about ‘grace’ to Shae’s blog. As someone who really enjoys blogging, I accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, but no idea of where to start in order to give the topic justice.

A weekend and half a week later, I’m here typing under very different circumstances as I would have had my Computer lab at the school where I teach not been burgled.

My first thoughts on this event [or non-event for that matter] were utter disbelief that someone could steal from innocent children seeking out a quality education. Secondly, I was utterly dismayed by the amount of progress and work which was lost with the farewell of our beloved computers. As if this wasn’t a rough enough start to the week, it was then suggested [skilfully] that I claim for more from the insurance company than what we’d lost or been insured for – by someone who was in a HIGH position of authority – my principal.

From dismay to disbelieving anger in 0.1 seconds.

You may be wondering what this has to do with grace, and I’ll tell you.

‘No’ to the suggestion proved that I had a saving grace after all.


And after the insurance checked MY numbers against THEIRS, they agreed that the claim was a valid one.

Every day we face life decisions. No matter what religion you follow, no matter your colour or class…we all face the same moral obstacles at some or the other stage. And the only way to withstand these universal challenges is to have strong foundational beliefs that are proof of G-d’s grace in a world of turmoil and in my case deceit.

Grace is like a safety net which catches you – not only when you stumble and falter over what you know is right, but also when you make a heartfelt decision to be good and you are shunned by the idealistic ways of the world. We need to be in the world and not of it in which case G-d’s grace is sufficient for us all.

I’m grateful for G-d’s grace which is so clearly apparent in my life as I stumble day to day in my pursuit of that which is good!

Before this week, I was never as aware of the presence of grace around me.

It turns out that grace IS more than a little girl who never washed her face.


Wondering why “G-d” is written that way? Click here to find out.

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