Double You (cubed) | 500 Words on Grace

by You Have My Word

500 words on grace… How simple a statement for such a monumental ripple effect on the hearts of those embraced by those words.

Where the knocked-down get-up knocked-down again seek refuge from this indifferent world; where ants are too small to notice and an eclipse too far away to matter. What’s it about? It’s about that little girl watching wide-eyed as a man hands pieces of paper to her ‘pimp’. It’s about that dehydrated blade of grass – thirsty for a drop of what the cacti surrounding it holds so greedily in their thick, moist, leaves. Watching it die and calling it ‘nature’. It’s about a homeless family falling apart at the seams, as their lives are suffocated by poverty and disease. It’s about a country with “shoot the boer” as an anthem, and B.E.E. as the solution. It’s about falling asleep in class, holding the position 60000 people cry for. It’s complaining that your child is too noisy to the woman who won’t get to see her child grow up. It is very much about them and as much about not being about you.

So, where does grace actually fit in all this? Well, for starters grace is a gift. One cannot possibly do anything to deserve a gift because it is an undeserving gesture of love. Therefore, it would make sense to wrap the gift. (i.e. Grace wrapped in Love). This would mean that for the person receiving the gift, they will first be drenched in love before they touch home to grace (i.e, grace fits within Love). So, give grace as freely as you would give love is what (I think) my point is here.

Who get’s grace? Nobody deserves it. Everybody gets it. There is a word in French that is heard by many with a grave lack of understanding (but, if you were to go into French you’d discover that the entire language is taken for granted and the words are not savoured nearly as much as they should be). The word is this: adieu. In colloquial terms it means “goodbye” in a more permanent sense than “cheers”, but the word itself is made of two words: “until God”. So what adieu actually means is this: “until we meet with God”. This brings me to my next rhetorical question: how long do we have to give grace to each person? -adieu.

Now for the big one: WHY? Why would you walk with your arms outstretched to those with crippled hopes, dreams and lives and pull them along the way? Why burden yourself with them? Why stoop down and scrape together the shattered pieces of their hearts and minds, and help them build it up again? Why concern yourself with helping them choose the right name to tattoo on their souls? Is it really your problem that you tried and succeeded but they tried and failed? Why help them? Why now? Why ever?

Because that’s exactly where you would be if God hadn’t given His grace to you.


Je-nae Freel walks the words she pens in today’s 500 Words on Grace. A fervent artist, growing writer, not-afraid-to-fighter for the things that matter. She writes here and you can follow her on Twitter here.


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