Justice’s Scales: Tampered By Grace | 500 Words on Grace

by You Have My Word

Mankind has a huge interest in fairness. If something is fair, it is beautiful; if something is unfair, it sucks. “But that’s not fair!” frequents our childhoods like “Life’s unfair!” frequents our adulthoods. And as you read this post titled Grace I’m sure you’re expecting me to tell you that life is actually fair if you look at it from such and such an angle.


Life is unfair; now let me tell you why.

People say “How is it fair that good people can go to Hell?” or “Is it fair if someone who hasn’t heard about Jesus dies and doesn’t go to Heaven?” Well yes, actually it is fair. It’s not fair that Geppetto would sacrifice his own son’s life for Pinocchio’s, when Pinocchio is a horrible piece of disobedient puppet trash that should be shredded and tossed into a fire. It’s less fair that God sent Jesus for me. It’s ridiculously unfair that Jesus died so that I can be transformed by Jesus to become like Jesus and get to go to Heaven and be with Jesus and that on the way Jesus will accompany me and intercede for me and so that I get to know God as well when I am so persistently not Jesus. I don’t deserve it at all. Salvation is the greatest unfairness in history.

Thus my definition of grace for you is “God being unfair”. God’s grace and love for us continually spares us the Sodom and Gomorrah fairness of a holy God who cares.

What freaks me out even more about this unfairness is its continuation. If someone treats me unfairly, say a lawyer rips me off with sneaky clauses in our contract; I’m not going to use that lawyer again. Instead I’ll try to find another, more honest, lawyer and sue the socks off the first lawyer for his unfairness. Yet Adam and Eve broke their covenant, and God made a covenant with Noah to spare humanity, but humanity began forgetting God and so God and made a covenant with Abraham, and the Israelites broke Abrahams covenant and God reinstated his covenant with the Israelites through Moses and they broke the covenant made with Moses. And Joshua. And Josiah. So God disciplined and renewed them with Babylon because and then renewed the covenant through Ezra, and they broke it again. And again. And again. Until God created a better and stronger covenant with a perfect sacrificial atonement named Jesus to satisfy his justice. This Jesus was not just some perfect sacrifice; to create a new covenant between God and man, there was both God and man- God’s own son. Why would God send his son to give us a new covenant when we had so thoroughly raped the old one? I can’t understand how a God who created fairness, and implanted it in our conscience, can do such a thing. I can’t understand grace.

But I can accept it, and through the new covenant be saved.


Gray Manicom is a man of God, an intentional leader, a jazz lover, a Math-brainer. He has time for people – the boring and the crazy ones – and writes today’s 500 Words on Grace from a walk of his own revelation. He blogs brilliantly here and you can follow him here.


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