Grace, a letter | 500 Words on Grace

by You Have My Word

Dear Grace

I don’t know how to sum you up; but you do work in me and for that I am eternally grateful; or should I say graceful. Grace makes my jar of clay cracked exterior, look good.

I was seven when I first made your acquaintance – I remember clearly when you found me. I had no idea then who it was that I had been found by. I did not know then that you were to become my best, but very honest friend. That still makes me uncomfortable sometimes yet you put up with me on my even my deliberate attempts to shun your patient, persistent company.

You are pretty tough I have to admit. I would not have been that determined. I gather it’s why they call you Grace. So much nicer than I am-You are. You are more than a beautiful word. Yes, I know, it has taken a while.

I think it’s because your ways are so contrary to mine that I wrestle with you so much. This was highlighted so well once when I was screaming uncontrollably at my child. You used her voice to tell me what you thought. Mid shrill-mine-she looked up and gently said: “Jesus can make you talk nicely to me.” I was arrested by you, Grace.

Better than a slap that was! It was a heart-stoppingly reshaping moment, a clear imprint moment. I still need reminding that my words should be seasoned with more of you. I am glad for that assault.

I wish I could make a cameo of all the photo moments I have had with you. I am so glad for your grand scheme of eternity where we can all have endless fun times unpacking these favorite photo moments.

I am delighted that all those pictures have you in them – even the sad ones; especially the painful ones; the naked ones. Where we shared my deepest brokenness and failures, my shattered dreams are in a strange way my favorite. Perhaps it was in those I discovered how you clothe me…turn ashes into Grace – create something beautiful out of nothing.

In those dark rooms you were forming me into more of who you are. In those times I realised I had to look forward to the development of the negative into clear impressions of the master-craftsman of all hearts. You wanted to see so much more of who you are reflected in me. That is why you took me there so many times. I am glad those picture development moments were covered by you… Even in the darkness of my development you never exposed me shamefully to others… you hid my nakedness and frailty. You still do. That’s why I love you, Grace.

By the way, the pictures I really want to see are the ones taken when I didn’t even know you had me in mind; the times you snuck in when I wasn’t looking. Thank you for those especially. I’d be more of a mess if you hadn’t been quite as stealthy as you are. You are sneaky – I’m glad. You never put bunny ears above my head either on any of those photo days. You know I don’t like to be made fun of.

Mostly though, others should be grateful I met you. When I begin to think about me without you near me I shudder. You put things to death in me which would have been my downfall. These things would have taken others down with me too. Thank you for putting in me your heart of flesh.

Grace, you are beautiful; but not without sacrifice. I have had to learn to surrender to your beauty. Gethsemane has taught me, Grace. Your humble, weeping brokenness shows me how honest, heart surrendered cries, drenched in truth release provision and empowering. I have needed these face plant moments. Humility is uplifting. You said it would be. I have to trust you.

I liked agendas but I have discovered that you have an outside of time and sight way of operating. That makes this walk with you quite scary. Your track record is good though. You have scared me to death a few times; but you have never let me down.

Just one more thing, Grace; there is so much more I would like to say to you-about, You. You are more than enough. Sufficient is a good word to sum you up.

Thank you,

Grace, Chosen of God-I am called by your name.


Today in 500 Words on Grace, I have the beautiful privilege of hosting words from none other than my lovely mum, Anne. Having grown up in close proximity with her (obviously) I can testify to the evidence of grace at work in her life and I am grateful – it has set the tone for many moments in my own life. Thank you for the example. Follow her here.


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