In the presence of grace | 500 Words on Grace

by You Have My Word

When I first heard about this post my immediate thought was to look up the definition on grace and base a piece around that. However I realised if you looking for the dictionary definition for grace you do not have any idea of how powerful grace is. Grace is more than a simple sentence, it is an inexpressible gift given to us by Jesus Christ.

Grace can mean something completely different for everyone. For one person it may mean they are able to raise their hands to the “sounds of Jesus” without any condemnation, where the night before they were raised to the beat of crude music. For another it may be being able to stand when they do not have the strength to do it themselves because they have fallen so far. Grace can be waking up to a fresh start from the things keeping us locked up. Grace is being set free, from slavery and sin.

In all this there is a common theme of being given another chance. It is where we fall short of the expectations and we are still given another opportunity. It is boundless. Endless. It is what draws us closer and closer to God even when we are falling further and further away.

The amazing thing about grace is that it has been given to us freely by the son of God, Jesus Christ. He is the one who has reconciled us to God. (2 Corinthians 5:18-19) We no longer have to feel the unease of guilt; thanks to God’s grace we are now open to forgiveness. We are able to be vulnerable in our relationship with Jesus. There is nothing to separate us from God’s grace. It is more than enough. There is an outpouring of His love which unites us to Him and is given through grace.

Grace allows for sinners, us, the broken and in despair to find peace and to feel whole. This is the acceptance of a Father who sees past our wrongdoings and embraces us. Grace allows for us to be made whole. It shows us that we are not perfect and that’s OK. We don’t have to be afraid of our imperfections because God loves us all the same. We can live without the fear of messing up, for where there is sin there is grace. Grace is attainable. That being said grace is not a license to do as we please and not try to live without sin. On the contrary it should push us to want to live closer to God by walking with Him, trying our best to follow the example that Jesus set for us.

Grace is what allows us to know it’s OK if we fall short but we shouldn’t stop striving for godliness.


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