Reconciling grace | 500 Words on Grace

by You Have My Word

Grace: a five-letter word that I’ve literally spent my life (I’m only 21) trying to figure out. I know it’s undeserved, I know it flows freely, I know it’s the greatest gift, I know I know I know. But yet I don’t know. You see there has always been a major difference between theory and reality. Somehow this hypothesis wasn’t my reality.

As grace flows directly from God’s hand, I truly believe that grace, just like God, is to a large extent unfathomable, unpredictable, unexplainable. Grace feels so far in times that it is actually so close; it defies all our human rules. Why keep loving when you get slapped in the face? But just as unique as each one of us was created, will be our stories and experiences of grace.

Grace, to me is like looking in a mirror. The reflection doesn’t change much, but what I see depends on my current state and need – each encounter being from another angle.

Grace catches me and even breathes for me when I’m unable to. Grace is going through tough stuff that literally rips every last bit of life out of me and being able to make it through with a stronger character. Grace is running into the most holy and noble throne room with dirty feet and a confused mind and yet being held as though I am a prized possession. Grace opens and slowly heals wounds that hurt so deep that I won’t even let myself in. Grace is the hug that tells me I’ll be OK, grace is my peace in every battle. Grace is the comfort in every valley of preparation. Grace is the very key for every box of potential I have. Grace is speaking into someone else’s heart and giving them answers I don’t know myself. Grace is the difference between other gods and mine.

One of the biggest revelations I’ve had on my journey to date, is that grace is enough, sufficient, more than is needed, yet exactly what is needed.  Full Stop. No buts, no hidden clauses, no fine print, no “this isn’t covered for”, no “science can’t prove it”. Only, it is done. Complete. I am complete.

Grace is enough for every struggle, every question, doubt, hopelessness, issue, wound.  For every jaw clenching, heart breaking, numbness. For every wandering heart, every rotten fruit, every doubting mind. But first you have to once again go against what you are used to and let go. Leave your human efforts and trust God.

The ironic part is that we as Christians, who literally have our salvation thanks to grace are the ones that tend to show the least grace. We judge, we point, we stare, we laugh, and we measure to make us look better. “But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.” (Galatians 5:15) I think it’s time that we start living like people who have been saved by grace. Nobody deserves an ounce of our grace, but neither do we and we are soaked in it.

You see, I’ve only had sips of grace but I know there are buckets still waiting. I know grace will be a life long journey that will leave me in awe after every encounter. I know I am accepted even though I wasn’t even close to qualifying. Grace is no longer only a notion, but my daily reality.

Let me never tire seeking the depths of grace. Thanks to grace, this lost girl can have a relationship with the King.


Kristien Gouws is often a quiet voice of encouragement at just the right time. I love the way in which she displays the gentleness of Christ, yet pursues His kingdom with raw passion. Today’s 500 Words on Grace are drawn from a place of deep knowing.