12 things to think on while you’re alive | The Mayans fluffed it

by You Have My Word

Clearly the Mayans fluffed it because I’m still here writing this post and maybe I’m, what some would deem, taunting fate but to be perfectly clear I don’t believe in that either. So, here we are and while we’re alive and kicking (most of us, at least), here are 12 things to think on:


  1. Sometimes loving someone is just showing up. Go watch that sports game, cheer from the sideline, attend that party even if you’re a fifth wheel, drop everything and take that call because it’ll be really important, grit your teeth through that movie you really hate. Just be there.
  2. Make time for people. They say you make time for the things that are important… well, people are important, ergo, make time for them.
  3. Be fully present. If you’re texting half way through a conversation, you’re not fully present. If you’re planning dinner in your mind at a parent-teacher meeting, you’re not fully present. If you’re sending emails during church, you’re not fully present. I’m guilty as charged. I get that some sermons aren’t enthralling, and that there are some meetings where you’d rather scratch out your ears than be present, and that inboxes fill up faster than a sinking ship but… there is value in the now.
  4. Laugh. Often. Loudly. Without reserve. Inappropriately. To yourself. Just laugh.
  5. Don’t write the year off till it’s over. In fact, don’t write anything off till it’s done. If you’ve set goals for yourself, there is still time. (Thanks to the Mayans fluffing it, you’ll actually get to the end of the year this time round.) Don’t write off friendships, or hobbies, or recovery programmes, or dreams.
  6. There are some foods that can be eaten at any time: ice-cream, cookies/crackers, cheese, yoghurt, nuts.
  7. Family is important. I’m not just talking about blood family, I’m talking about the people you do life with. Shane Koyczan says this: “In the unlikely event that you have no one, look again.”
  8. Be gracious to, and patient with, everyone you come across. You cannot know the struggles they have, you cannot know the influence your interaction will have.
  9. Realise that your life is not your own.We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” (Prov 16:9 NLT)
  10. Don’t settle for second-best. Life is too short to listen to bad music, too short to read average books and certainly too short to watch Twilight second-rate films. Find your jam, fill your mind with rich words and feast your eyes on well-crafted displays.
  11. Get involved where it matters. Find something worth pursuing and don’t stop. Person, cause, dream, healing, holiday – whatever it is, go for it.
  12. You are your own person. Take responsibility where it hurts. Enjoy the moments you’ve made. Keep your chin up and walk through when you’ve screwed things up – be humble enough to admit you have and work at righting the wrongs. Be bold. Don’t compromise. Know yourself. Have fun. Don’t be anyone else.