To hell with resolutions and the woes of skinny dipping

by You Have My Word

“Have you lost the guts to consider the new?” he asked. I silently answered, “Yes.”

I have not made any resolutions for 2013; resolutions are setups for drawbacks and buildups for letdowns. Truth be told, I’m terrified of dreaming for the year ahead because I don’t want to get to the end and discover that I haven’t met the mark. So I sit in limbo: desperately wanting to hope for the next 12 months – hope for the better, and the great, and the successful, but apprehensive about setting any words to dreams – making permanent “get-to points” like final tributes on grave headstones.

So instead (or for the time being anyway), here is my “Manageable List of Things to Accomplish in 2013”. It is by no means comprehensive, and it may morph as months move. The important thing is that I’m not overwhelmed.

  • Learn to handstand (harder than it looks)
  • Eat a banana (I gag even at the smell so you can imagine…)
  • Read all of ee cummings’ poems
  • Visit Cape Town (It’s appalling that I live in South Africa and haven’t yet)
  • Run a full marathon

I’m trusting earnestly that God would stir within me the desire to pursue His plans for my life this year, but for now I’ll trust Him as I busy in the smaller things.

On another completely random, rather unfortunate (but funny in hindsight) note at the start of the year…

I cycled today (good start to exercise for this year anyway), and when I got home, not being in the mood to shower/bath, I decided to swim. Costumeless. Because everyone should do that at least once in their life. The problem was not in the swimming (as I ensured that all neighbours had a zero-perusal possibility), but in the wanting to get out. Upon making my way to the steps I registered that the dog had taken hold of my towel and run off.

What ensued was something out of a really badly choreographed musical scene, complete with tug of war, paranoid assertiveness (in case the neighbours heard the commotion) and a terribly silly giggle. Your imagination can do the rest.

I did eventually get the towel. Here’s to a year of many more ridiculous moments! Cheers!