Dark hearts

by You Have My Word


A trip-switch goes off somewhere in the basement of a high-rise building; no one can find it in the dark to turn it back on. Stumble. Somewhere there is a heart like this ground-sunken space. It is still night outside, it is now night inside too. Dark.

The sunrise has not yet smothered the Earth. Shadows stand stark against the star-lined sky; light has not yet taught these silhouette shapes how to be shy: “Go hide.”

There’s some static in the heart lines. The many  “how” and “why” questions need to be re-wired (a necessary process if the light is ever going to go on again). Connect.

Sparks fly. Spirit surge. Light.

The steady fluorescent glow permeates corridors leaving no cobweb-dusted corner to settle beneath dust. Vision. There is a heart here riddled with veins flooded with life.