Things I would tell you if I knew you’d believe me

by You Have My Word


You are so beautiful the sunrise could only ever dream of displaying something so magnificent. Our sun would have to steal light from a thousand other suns – dimming parts of the universe we’ve never seen before – to construct a fraction of your present grace. The stretch of your spine tells stories that could bring the world’s strongest man to his knees; your eyes sear the promise of hope into every soul they see.

You are more valuable than anything anyone could ever pay for; all the money in the world would not equate to the wealth of your worth. You give yourself less credit than an entire nation in debt yet you deserve more of it than the world’s richest man. Your character is heavy weighted – steadfast, it holds true, not swaying, it is not altered – driving unmovable stakes of dignity , honesty , humility, elegance and patience deep into the ground of relationship.

You are an art exhibition of motion – God moves in you. You got moves that Jagger hadn’t dared even think up. They say that energy cannot be created or destroyed; you busy-body, kinetic energy reeling all over the place. Stop for one moment; let the space of potential energy for your body-canvas infuse your limbs – realise that you glide in love and life. God moves in you.


Well I came to tell you that you’re beautiful. I think you’re lovely. 
I think that you’re made for more than you’ve settled for.

She said, All of them tell me they love me.
I used to dream! I never meant to quit! 
So who’s to blame for this bullsh-

Shh, shh, girl, I will not even mention… it. 
The hands that we’re dealt – I don’t understand.
And I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t know all the plans.
I just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful; I think you’re lovely, 
I think I know love that loves the unloving. 

Yeah! You told me your God was gorgeous, 
but I just can’t see it! I want so badly to see colour! 
I want so badly to believe it!

Here’s to hoping… until then, I wanted you to know
that you’re beautiful. I think you’re lovely, 
I think I know love that loves the unloving. 

I think you’re still loved, I still think it’s true.
I still think there’s more hope out there for you. 

Yeah I think you’re beautiful. I think you’re lovely.
I think you could know love that loves the unloving.


*Listen to the full poem by Levi the Poet here.