Love in the hello

by You Have My Word

child eyes

I have found it possible to demonstrate love in the hello – a single word to acknowledge someone’s complete presence.


Yes, it is first and foremost a greeting; it’s not limited to whether you know the person or not – friend, cashier, partner, CEO, beggar. It is, however, much bigger than that.


Human contact through word. Character heard in voice quality. Recognition of being and relevance. Space created for further interaction. Openness to relationship. Acknowledgement of all that a person is as they stand before you. Immediate presence.


It is said that part of Bill Clinton’s charisma is attributed to how he engages with people: “look at the eyes of every person walking towards you long enough to see their eye colour.” And there it is: we are alive, connected. If this is the preface, then…

Love in the hello.