Speak for silence

by You Have My Word

Would you still believe my words if I told you there is value in the silence? Would you still give me room to breathe quietly if I told you there is value in the thunder? In the storm? In the power? In the words – whether spoken or withheld?

Hold your tongue. Hold your heart.

Now speak. Speak loud. Speak clear. Speak for the ones who can’t release their words. Shout if you must, make sure you’re heard. There are pains and stories that must be spoken aloud.

Be still when necessary. Make space for others to exhale their agony. Draw out their joys with your pause, with your poise, as you wait. They will in time voice the victories and the violence. They will thank you for space. They will thank you for sympathy.

Do not neglect the noise. If they’ve taken from you, do not let them take your courage too. Make a scene! Push your way in. Spit the truth. Get into their space; look them in the face and declare your terms.

Know when what volume is needed and when mute is—–.